FNs atomvåpenforbud

Tweet for a nuclear weapons ban

Aim: to provoke a foreign policy decision maker to tweet his or her view on a treaty banning nuclear weapons
  1. Target: Identify the Twitter account of a leading foreign policy decision maker in your country, such as the foreign minister, the prime minister, the president or the leader of the parliament’s foreign affairs committee.
  2. Connect: Hook up with at least five of your friends on Skype. Encourage them by saying that they’re about to change the foreign policy of their government.
  3. Frame: Formulate a question to the foreign policy decision makers you have identified. The question should relate to ICAN’s demand for a ban on nuclear weapons.
  4. Push: Circulate the tweet out to your contacts, journalists, bloggers, celebrities and Twitter talking heads. Inform them about the action and ask for help.
  5. Call: As the Twitter feed of the foreign policy maker is peppered with people asking him or her your question, call a journalist and inform him or her about the action.
  6. Be stubborn: Keep on pushing until the foreign policy maker responds to your question.