FNs atomvåpenforbud

Finns deliver cranes to president

On 21 September, the International Day of Peace, Finnish schoolchildren and representatives of peace organizations delivered 1,000 origami cranes made by Hiroshima students to the president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, to seek his support for a nuclear weapons ban.

The children asked about nuclear weapons and peace issues. President Niinistö emphasized the importance of keeping peace issues in mind. The delegation included representatives from Physicians for Social Responsibility in Finland, the Peace Education Institute and the Peace Union of Finland. The children were from Eläintarha primary school.

This is part of a global ICAN initiative to send 1,000 paper cranes to the president or prime minister of every UN member state. In return, ICAN is asking for a message of support for a treaty to outlaw and eliminate nuclear weapons.


21 September 2012