Yelyzaveta Khodorovska

Yelyzaveta Khodorovska is currently completing her BA degree in International Relations department at Odesa National University, Ukraine.

She is affiliated as an internship fellow at Odesa Center for Nonproliferation. Also, as an internship fellow, Yelyzaveta participates in the initiatives of Atomic Reporters, a Vienna-based NGO.

In 2022 together with other scholars and young activists from the field, Yelyzaveta took part in the Atomic Youth project. It aimed to create a team of citizen journalists to cover the ICAN Nucleare Ban Forum, the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, and the first Meeting of States Parties to the UN TPNW.

Yelyzaveta also delivered the ICAN statement during NPT Review Conference 2022. In her academic research she currently focuses on WMD-free zone in the MENA region.

Yelyzaveta is also a member of the Black Sea Women in Nuclear Network.