Preparing for Action

The global movement against nuclear weapons is stronger than ever. States, cities, parliamentarians, civil society, survivors and people everywhere are being heard: nuclear weapons must be eliminated!

At the ICAN Act On It forum, we are focusing on nuclear-weapon-complicit states and how to get them to join the global movement to end nuclear weapons. After two days of workshops, panels and discussions, how can we use new knowledge and ideas  in the work moving forward?

At the end of this session we will prepare to move to the Parliament to celebrate the TPNW and show the Norwegian government that we are many working to end nuclear weapons!



Anja Lillegraven


Anja Lillegraven is the managing director of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) in Norway.



Venessa Hanson


Venessa Hanson is the Social Media Officer at ICAN.



Maja Fjellvær Thompson


Maja Fjellvær Thompson is project coordinator of the ICAN Act On It Forum, and an adviser at IPPNW Norway.



Tuva Widskjold


Tuva Krogh Widskjold is the coordinator of ICAN Norway.