Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor 2022

In this session, Grethe Lauglo Østern will present the findings in the soon-to-be published 2022 Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor. This will include the most recent research on the world’s nuclear arsenals, and on which states act in accordance with the TPNW and not. 

The Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor tracks progress towards a world without nuclear weapons, highlights activities that prevent the international community from making the necessary progress towards nuclear disarmament, and analyzes the key challenges. It is a useful tool for campaigners that want to investigate if the state they live in needs to make any changes to its existing policies and practices in order to comply with the TPNW.

You can access the online version of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor here.



Grethe Østern


Grethe Lauglo Østern (Norwegian People’s Aid) is the editor of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor.