Marianne Borgen

Mrs. Marianne Borgen was elected Mayor by the Oslo City Council on October 21 2015.

Mayor Marianne Borgen is part of the Mayors for Peace network and Oslo joined the ICAN Cities Appeal under her leadership.

Mrs. Borgen has a degree in sociology from the University of Oslo with specialization in social policies and medical sociology. She has worked with children's rights on both a national and international level for more than 25 years.

Mrs. Borgen was elected as a member of Oslo City Council for the first time in 1979 for the Norwegian Socialist Left Party (SV) and has been a member of the City Council continuously since 1995. She was Committee Chair for the Standing Committee on Transport and Environmental Affairs 2011-2015. Prior to that, she was member of the Standing Committee on Finance and the Standing Committee on Health and Social Welfare.