Connecting the Dots from Climate Justice to Nuclear Justice

Climate change and nuclear weapons are the two existential threats we are currently facing. Their interconnectedness also means that they have shared solutions. This makes anti-nuclear activists and climate-change activists natural allies in the fight to protect our planet, and both causes would benefit from a stronger alliance.

In this workshop, nuclear disarmament activists and climate-change activists will share more about how these two issues intersect, the advocacy lessons and strategies they have used that you can replicate and finally how the two movements can and should join forces.



Olamide Samuel


Dr Olamide Samuel is a Research Associate in Nuclear Politics, on the ERC funded 'Third Nuclear Age' project, at the University of Leicester.



Diana Duah Asamoah


Diana Duah Asamoah is the climate and nuclear weapons project lead at Nyuklia Eureka.



Georgina Margaret Bell


Georgina Bell is the Nyuklia Eureka advocacy lead.



Brigitta Appiah Darko


Brigitta Appiah Darko is the Operations Lead at Nyuklia Eureka.