Across Borders: Youth Parties and Nuclear Weapons Policy

Around the world, youth parties are stepping up to hold their mother parties responsible. Youth play a crucial role in the work to change nuclear policy, through creating new narratives and challenging the status quo of nuclear weapons.

Together with some of the most prominent European youth politicians, we will explore how youth parties work to influence policy and how this work differs and unites across borders. How can we support youth parties in their efforts to change nuclear policy?




Astrid Willa Eide Hoem


Astrid Hoem is the president of the Workers' Youth League.



Rachid Khenissi


Rachid Khenissi is member of the board of Jusos Germany.



Siebe Jonckheere


Siebe Jonckheere is international secretary of the young socialists in Belgium and is also a bureau member of the Young European Socialists.



Tuva Krogh Widskjold


Tuva Krogh Widskjold is the coordinator of ICAN Norway.