10 seconds is all it takes

To mark Nuclear Abolition Day in 2012, ICAN released this video highlighting the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons

A little less conversation

After 15 years of fruitless conversation, hundreds of unproductive meetings and billions of wasted dollars, the disarmament machinery is called on the carpet

We can abolish nuclear weapons

ICAN is a vast global movement. We are united by a common desire to get negotiations underway at the earliest possible date on a comprehensive nuclear weapons ban

Nuclear insecurity summit

The Non-Proliferation Treaty obliges the United States, Russia, Britain, France and China to negotiate in good faith for the elimination of their nuclear weapons

ICAN in the Netherlands

On Nuclear Abolition Day in 2011, Dutch campaigners produced this short video highlighting the breadth of support for a nuclear weapons ban

Appeal from Hiroshima students

On the 65th anniversaries of the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ICAN launched an urgent appeal to leaders to ban nuclear weapons

Ban Ki-moon’s message to ICAN

In June 2010, ICAN held its first global day of action for a ban on nuclear weapons. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sent us this message of support

Why do we need them?

This short animation from ICAN in the United Kingdom highlights the uselessness of nuclear weapons in addressing any of today’s real security challenges

An introduction to ICAN

Which countries have nuclear weapons? How many? What risk do they pose to our future? This introductory video highlights the continuing nuclear threat

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  • Motta ICANs nyhetsbrev

    ICAN sender ut regelemessige oppdateringer om vårt arbeid for en internasjonal avtale som forbyr atomvåpen. Skriv inn ditt navn og e-postadresse for å motta ICANs nyhetsbrev.


    • bankimoon

      “Jeg hilser ICAN for å arbeide med slikt engasjement og kreativitet for en atomvåpenfri verden.”

      Ban Ki-moon FNs generalsekretær

    • yokoono

      “Vi kan gjøre det sammen. Med din hjelp vil vår stemme bli sterkere. Imagine peace.”

      Yoko Ono Artist

    • jodywilliams

      “Stater sier at et forbud mot atomvåpen er usannsynlig. Ikke tro på dem. De sa det samme om et forbud mot landminer.”

      Jody Williams Nobelprisvinner

    • desmondtutu

      “Nobelprisvinner: “Med din støtte kan vi ta ICAN til målet – hele veien til null atomvåpen.”

      Desmond Tutu Nobelprisvinner

    • herbiehancock

      “Fordi jeg ikke kan tolerere disse grusomme våpnene, støtter jeg ICAN helhjertet.”

      Herbie Hancock Jazzmusiker

    • hansblix

      “Jeg er stolt av å støtte den internasjonale kampanjen for et forbud mot atomvåpen.”

      Hans Blix Våpeninspektør

    • dalailama

      “Jeg kan forestille meg en verden uten atomvåpen, og jeg støtter ICAN.”

      Dalai Lama Nobelprisvinner

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